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  Product Code: ATE1103
  Product Name:  Solor mole repeller
  Item Size:   
  Packaging Detail:   pp bag or others according to customer's requirement
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to the payment term and quantity

solar mouse repeller/solar mouse repeller/ mice pest repeller/rat pest repeller
1)Solar Module:2.0V
2)Battery:1pc Ni-Mh 2V/7

solar mouse repeller/ mice pest repeller/rat pest repeller
Solar Module:2.0V
Battery:Ni-Mh 1.2V/600mAh
type SL7064A
net weight 260g of pro.
solar panel  Vop 2V, Lop 60mA
frequency 300hz
This product complies with the EuropanNation Standards.The relevant certificates of conformity are deposited with the fac.


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