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  Product Code: ATGP2515B
  Product Name:  Insect Blue Sticky Card
  Item Size:   25x15cm
  Packaging Detail:   pp bag or customization
  Delivery Time:  10-60days

Product Description:

Insect glue board traps are used for monitoringcontrol of small flying insects.
The blue boards are used for thrips.
The special glue coating provides a high tack surface to 
capture small insectsis una-ffected by sprinkler systems or the higher temperatures 
found inside greenhouses.
Simply hang the blue boardthe garden or greenhouse near the 
problem area, the color acts as a high attractant to the insects.

1.Clean touch
2.UV light stable
3.Highly attractive to insects
4.Easy to handle

Appreciation area:
Greenhouse, tea plantation, bases of flower, vegetableChinese herbal medicine orchard, farm, warehouse ect


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