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  Product Code: ATM2848-4
  Product Name:  Humane Mouse&Rat Cage
  Item Size:   23x14.2x10.9CM(the carrying hanle excluded)
  Packaging Detail:   The product putsthe carton directly.
  Delivery Time:  

Product Description:
The rat/mouse cage is made of high quality wire mesh.
This kind of rat/mouse cage is humanistic design so that the rat/mouse will not be hurt.
The trap is so strong that can fold itself for easy storagetransport.
It has a heavy duty carrying handlethe door, which is connected with the spring.
Its locking pole can ensure that rats/mouse will not escape.
This cage is ideal for catchingtransporting rats.

How it works:
1.Press the carrying handleconnect with the bait hook.
2. Place baitthe triggering hook
4. Place the trap the path of the rats
5. Release the animal elsewhere or eliminate it by drowning
1. All mouse traps can be dangerous to children. Keep childrenpets away all traps.
2. Caution: injure hand.


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