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  Product Code: ATM2817
  Product Name:  Vaulted Mouse Trap Cage
  Item Size:   42x24x17CM
  Packaging Detail:   The product puts into the carton directly
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to the payment term and quantity
  Instructions: Product Description:
This mouse cage is one simple trap door method, made of galvanized wire.
Its humane design gives the option of releasing the rat alive and
eliminates accidental injury to other animals and children,
which often occurs when a conventional 'kill' rat trap is used.
After locking the rear door, the rat will fall into and be trapped when it touches removable bait cup.
This cage is ideal for catching and transporting rats.
How it works:
1.Place the bait in the bait cup,
2.Lock the rear door,
3.Open the rear door to release the captured rat.


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