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  Product Code: ATM2860
  Product Name:  Talpex type Mole Traps
  Item Size:   14x11cm
  Packaging Detail:   customization
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to the payment termquantity
  Instructions: Product Description:
The Talpex Type mole trap is an easily solution to catching these fast running pests.
The trap works through a spring loaded scissor action,find the mole runsecurelythe ground,
the talpex trap is a highly effective method of catching these pests and
 are the same traps as used by usother Professional Mole Catchers throughout the country!!.
Get rid of moles fastefficiently.
Powerful solution to mole problems.
Durablereusable, 2-pack for maximum efficiency.
Galvanized high strength steel to protect rusting.

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