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  Product Code: ATPL6763W
  Product Name:  Mouse trap Station
  Item Size:   15.3x12x6.6cm
  Packaging Detail:   pp bag or customization
  Delivery Time:  10-60days according to quantitiespayment term.
  Instructions: Product Description
This is a product which can be used as a station for mouse traps, protecting trapsaccidental contactensuring that trapped mice are hiddensight until disposal is possible.
How it works:
.Undo Station using black key attached to end of trap.
.Press the trap to setthen remove the bait cover.
.Place Station wherever there is evidence of mice with entry holes closest to wall. .Inspect daily. Squeeze trap open to discard catch - no need to handle captured mice. For best results replenish the bait pedal of some bait, like chocolate ect.

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