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  Product Code: ATPL6751
  Product Name:  Rats & Mice Bait Station
  Item Size:   26x24x10cm
  Packaging Detail:   customization
  Delivery Time:  10-60days according to the payment termquantity

Product Description:
This Station is made of sturdy plastic. It’s available to use inside or outside place.
You can also hang this stationthe tree to catch squirrels or others with the help fixed pole.
In the inside of this station, there comes with a rod to hang the baita removable white case to hold the water or food.

How it works:
1.Open the doortake out the rod, then place the lurethe rod.
2.Rplace the rodthis station
3.Remember to take out the key before you shut up the door.
4.Use the key to open the doortake out the rat.

1.When handling, use precautions to avoid the possibility of disease transmission
2.Use disposable rubber gloves.
3.Apply household disinfectants at recommended concentrations to rodent droppings, nest
surrounding area,allow for at least 15 minutes contact time before removal.
4.Clean the area with paper towels or a mop. Thoroughly wash hands
with soapwaterdispose of gloves.


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