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  Product Code: ATPL6800
  Product Name:  Mouse trap station
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  Packaging Detail:   bulk packing ect
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Mouse Trap Station is a poison free alternative to control rodents,
which allows you to catchdispose of rodent to ensure safe decomposition.
Station helps keep powerful mouse trap awaychildrenpets.
The strongdurable station features a lockkey to help keep awaychildrenpets.
Inside is a strongreusable mouse trap which helps to quicklyeffectively control unwanted ratsmiceand around your home.

How it works:
Simply place the stationthere are signs of rodent activity,
bait the trap with peanut butter or cheeselift the lever to set;
Close the station using the key to lock to avoid the trap going off inside prematurely;
Simply lift the lever to dispose of the dead rodentreset the trap inside the station to reuse.


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