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  Product Code: ATMT1003
  Product Name:  Plastic Quick Set Rat Trap
  Item Size:   11x4.8x5.5CM
  Packaging Detail:   
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to the payment term and quantity

Product Description:
The plastic rat trap ensures capture by using a highly sensitive trigger mechanism
to unleash a jawful of patented interlocking teeth, which makes rat escape impossible.
Its bait cup is loaded from underneath, removing fingers from harm.
This trap can be readily set by foot safely on the ground.
Press the trap open like a pedal, keeping fingers free and safe.
There are two kinds of specifications in this product and this is the small item.
How it works:
1. Press the trap open. You will hear a click when it is set.
2. Place the trapperpendicular to a wall where rats run with the food on the bait cup.
3. Open trap to release the trapped rat into the trash. No need to touch dead rat.
1. All mouse traps can be dangerous to children, keep children and pets away from all traps.
2. Caution: injure hand


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