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  Product Code: ATMT8702
  Product Name:  Tunnel Style Mousetrap
  Item Size:   17.5x7x5CM
  Packaging Detail:   pp bag or blister or customization
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to the payment term and quantity
  Instructions: Product Description:
The Tunnel Style Mousetrap consists of a sealed box housing an internal back breaker mechanism with an opening at each end.
The trap is supplied with the lever in the down position.
When lift up, the trap is set.
Simply set the tunnel style trap along the wall and wait.
As the mouse travels through the tunnel it activates the back breaker.
The set lever indicates when you've had success.
Best of all, you don't have to look at or touch the dead mouse!
Just open the lever and the mouse will fall out into the bin.
How it works:
1.Lift up the lever.
2.Place the trap where the mouse travels.
3.Lift the lever whist holding the trap over a bin to release the trapped mouse.


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