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  Product Code: ATPL6740-4
  Product Name:  Tunnel Bait Station
  Item Size:   24x8.5x8.5CM
  Packaging Detail:   Putthe carton directly
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to the payment term and quantity
Product Description:
The design of tunnel will protect your rodent baitmoisture, dust or other contaminating elements 
while keeping rat baits out of reach of non target animals.
Also the station makes the mice feel secure, which encourages them to eat more bait 
and the rodenticides per visit. 
When usedwarehouses or around perimeter of food processing plants or restaurants, 
place a Station every 15 to 20 feet for severe or continuous rat infestations, 
less for light infestations. 
Since this is a poison bait station, please be careful while using it.
1.When handling, use precautions to avoid the possibility of disease transmission 
2.Use disposable rubber gloves. 
3. Apply household disinfectants to rodent droppings,surrounding area, 
 allow for at   least 15 minutes contact time before removal. 
4.Clean the area with paper towels or a mop. Thoroughly wash hands 
  with soapwaterdispose of gloves.


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