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  Product Code: ATPL6715-3
  Product Name:  Quick Click Rat Trap
  Item Size:   14.2x6.6x7.6CM
  Packaging Detail:   pp bag or blister or customization
  Delivery Time:  0days-60days according to the payment termquantity

Product Description:

This quick-click rat trap is easy to set--with just one quick click using either hand or

foot pressure, the trap is ready for its prey.
Unscrew the cover to the bait reservoirthe bait of your choice.
Thetrap is effectivefarm outbuildings, homes, offices or almost anywhere there is a

rodent problem.
Its robust spring actionplastic weatherproof outer case will give you years of

effective rodent catching.

How it works:
1.Baited ready to use, but can unscrew the cover to replenish other baited when needed.
2.Press the trap open. You will hear a click when it is set.
3. Place the trap perpendicular to a wallrats run with the foodthe bait cup.
4. Open trap to release the trapped ratinto the trash. No need to touch dead rat.

1. All mouse traps can be dangerous to children, keep childrenpets awayall

2. Caution: injure hand.


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