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  Product Code: ATPL6741L
  Product Name:  Live capture mouse trap
  Item Size:   23x6x6.5CM
  Packaging Detail:   pp bag, color box, bulk packing
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to payment term and quantity
  Instructions: The Live Capture Mousetrap is the kinder gentler mousetrap, which is free from mess, violence and poison.
Captured mice can be safely transported and released without touching the mice.
It's a plastic elbow with a 30 degree bend and a removable rear cap.
Peanut paste is stuck in the cap, and the trapdoor is opened.

The mouse enters in search of the peanut paste, and when it passes halfway the elbow rocks. 

And the trapdoor shuts.

All up, the trap is around 23cm long and 6cm wide and we suggest placing it against a wall on

something non-slippery so it can't move too much when mousey is inside.


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