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  Product Code: ATMT1004
  Product Name:  Plastic Mousetrap
  Item Size:   9.6X5X0.6CM(BASE ONLY)
  Packaging Detail:   pp bag or blister or customization
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to the payment term and quantity
  Instructions: Product Description:
This model trap which is made of plastic with metal triggering hook
is a most popular easily operation, favorable using house, small store, ware etc.
It is a common useful tool for catching mouse. They are conveniently used.
The most importantly is that it can be reusable and environmentally friendly.
This product has two kinds of specification and this is the small one.
How it works:
1. place the bait in the the triggering hook,
2.Swing the bow backwards,
3. Raise the bar and slide the bar in the spring,
4.Place the trap on the path of the rats.
1.All mouse traps can be dangerous to children, keep children away all traps.
2. Caution, injure hand.


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