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  Product Code: ATPL2895
  Product Name:  Repeater catch mouse trap
  Item Size:   26164.5cm
  Packaging Detail:   customization
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to payment termquantity
  Instructions: Solid Lid White 423WH is an effective mouse trap that is made of a corrosion-resistant white powder coated finish 
and features a sturdy solid lid. 
The lid can be easily openedclosed for an easy access of rodent disposition. 
The trap is definitely reusable for excellent efficiency. The Multiple Catch Mouse Trap can catch nine mice at a time. 
It does not need any bait due to its safe appearance that will surely invite a lot of mice inside. 
The trap is perfect to placeloading docks, retail areas, warehousesmore.

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