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  Product Code: ATM2894
  Product Name:  Extra Narrow Multi catch mouse trap
  Item Size:   36166cm
  Packaging Detail:   customization
  Delivery Time:  10days-60days according to payment termquantity
  Instructions: 1.Multi-Catch Rat Trap, the non-lethal galvanized repeater rat trap will quickly reduce rodent populationshomes farms warehouses plantsbusinesses.
Safe for trapping around petschildrenmost rodent control programs.
2.No settings required, effective one -way doorsboth ends trap mice inside
3.Hinged cover with clear plastic viewing window for easy rodent removal

4.This trap is a live trap

How It Works
1.Simply place the rat traplevel surface, against a wallmice are known to or are suspected to travel
2.Placing small pieces of peanut butter will help the luring the mice faster.
3.Once the rat has entered through the opening it will trigger hing trapping themthe holding area
4.The see through top will all you to monitor the trap easily

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